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amy d

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Hi there, i'm trying to translate a sentence including 'access all areas' in the context of a pass you'd hang around your neck at a sporting event for example which grants you access to everything

Pass VIP qui permet l'acces a tout?
i'm getting stuck on "passe partout", maybe 'accreditation passe-partout'?
There must be a better, more snappy way of saying this!!?

Merci :)
  • Micia93

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    France French
    welcome Amy :)

    "passe-partout" is a bit familiar
    why do you mention VIP? is it the case, or is a pass anybody can buy?

    I'm thinking of "accès illimité" but it might be too strong ...


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    un laisser-passer général ? (je ne trouve pas de meilleur mot que général, peut-être quelqu'un a une idée ?)

    amy d

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    wow - thans for all your help! I thought of VIP as it can't be bought - its like a backstage pass for organisors and the like.
    i like "accès illimité" - un grand merci pour votre aide!!
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