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Kara W

hello, everyone

I am wondering what "access needs' means in the following sentence

It goes like " If you have access needs in order to complete your job or be able to attend the interview, please let me know as soon as possible."

I saw it on BBC Learning English.

l'll appreciate your help.
  • outeast

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    If you have any physical disability that affects how/where you can attend the interview and do your job (ramps or ground-floor access for the wheelchair-bound, braille forms for the blind or partially sighted, night-time only access for sufferers of vampirism, etc.).

    Addendum: I don't think whoever actually wrote this thought about the sentence very clearly. 'Access needs' seems to me quite limited in scope to 'needs regarding [physical] access', whereas the 'complete your job' bit suggests it should be a term with a somewhat broader scope (after all, what if you have special needs that are not immediately related to access?). But you often get such oddities in boilerplate responses and addenda.
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