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I have this paragraph which should sound like legal English but the second part, from "in order to access to...", is very long and I do not know how to make it sound natural in English. Could you give me any piece of advice?

It is completely prohibited to use such resources for, to give you an idea and not like a comprehensive or limited list, leisure, pastime or entertainment activities. Moreover, it is especially prohibited to use software, without excluding the rest of material resources, in order to access to contents socially considered as inappropriate, improper, attacking people’s dignity or intimacy, or that might be based on or be detrimental to the privacy of personal data, that might be detrimental to the company or that might violate any fundamental right and/or legal, civilian or criminal rule.

Thank you!!
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    Access can be a noun or a verb. In your phrase it looks as if you are trying to make it do both jobs at once, which is not possible.

    It is prohibited to use software to access inappropriate content. (verb)
    It is prohibited to use software to gain access to inappropriate content. (noun)

    The first solution is the simplest: just remove the second "to":
    "in order to access to contents socially considered as inappropriate"
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