Hello everyone,

--- Can we borrow books form the library when it is completed?
--- Of course. It is ____ to every citizen only if you get a special card.
A. acceptable
B. accessible
C. reasonable
D. available
Key B

My question,

1. The building has been made accessible to disabled people.
I checked my dictionary and found the above sentence, so the key to the question is correct.

2. This information is freely available to anyone wishing to see it.
Sentence2 also comes from the same dictionary. I feel the two availables in sentence2 and the topic sentence are very similar.

Could choice D fit the topic sentence?

Many thanks.
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    To check the validity of available, I think you need to determine what "it" is in the last sentence. It is the library (not the books, or the writer would have used "they"). So of the two -- accessible and available -- I think accessible is a better word for a building: you can access it, at least during opening hours.

    In your conclusions, you use "building" in the first, but "information" in the second -- it's one or the other, and I would suggest it's building.

    I don't think of a library as available, but the books in them are: Can we check out books from the library? Yes, they're available to anyone with a library card.


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    It's rather an aside ... OK, it's completely tangential ... but the response to the question has a kind of contradiction in it.
    Of course. It is accessible to every citizen only if you get a special card.

    It's the word "only" that creates tension for me.
    The response begins very positively, but ends with a restriction.
    Without the restriction it would be fine.
    Of course. It is accessible to every citizen.
    Introducing the restriction with "but" would also be fine.
    Of course. It is accessible to every citizen, but only if you get a special card.

    As written, it just seems odd.

    And of course it is slightly odd to use present tense "It is accessible" when the library is still incomplete and presumably inaccessible :)
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