Accession or Accretion?

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"That version was printed with additional chapters. The other version, however, was printed without additions"

Where I have additions, I want to use a synonym. I've found these two: accretions and accessions.

Which should I use? I would go with accretions... Don't know if accessions really is a synonym for this situation.
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    I wouldn't recommend you use either of those words if you want to be widely understood, Arly.
    Unfortunately I can't think of a different synonym that would fit.


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    Neither of those words is a synonym for 'additions', except in very limited contexts. Accretion is a slow build-up of natural growth. So a coral reef or a black hole might grow by accretion: an addition of matter takes place over time. An accession is (in this sense) an addition to a library (or perhaps a museum), such as when the library buys new books.
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