Accetto le condizioni di utilizzo del sito

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Hi! It's me again!
I need a help to translate these sentences. They end up a registration to a web site.
"Accetto il contratto di registrazione" and "Accetto le condizioni di utilizzo del sito".
My first attempts were:
" I agree with the contract of registration"
" I agree with the terms of use"
But they sound bad to me...Any suggestions?
  • baldpate

    Senior Member
    UK, English
    Hi MissGeek,

    One issue could be that you are proposing to use "agree with", whcih is more like essere d'accordo - indicating concordance with somebody's opinion or proposal. Whereas a new registrant isn't usully required to like/approve the "contract of registration"/"terms of use", simply to agree to abide by them :).

    So you can say "I agree to the xxx", or "I accept the xxx". If you want to vary the verb, I would have a slight preference for:
    "I agree to the contract of registration"
    "I accept the terms of use"
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