acción de nulidad de un juicio concluido

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    Hola que tal:
    Estoy tratando de traducir al Ingles la frase que esta entre comillas que a continuacion trato de explicar:
    "Accion de nulidad de un juicio concluido.” It´s basically when a trail took place in fraudulent way-because the person who affected with the resolution didn’t attended the trail, and it (the trail) began and ended without his or her knowledge; or a person who isn’t involved in the trail (un tercero ajeno al juicio) suffered damage because of the resolution of the fraudulent trail) and you promote this action to void the fraudulent trail and obviously it’s effects.

    This is what I came up with: " Promotion to Void a Finished Trial" , but I do not feel comfortable with that. There may be a better way of expressing that. Can anybody help? Thank you ever so much.
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    Motion to Set Aside a Judgment
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    Thank you very much for your prompt response

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