accident and emergency?


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Guys what's the place in a hospital called where you go when something crops up. E.g. when somebody gets a heart attack, can't breathe (due to whatever reason), feels funny and wants to know immediately what's going on, was injured and needs treatment etc.

Is that (in British English) the accident and emergency? or is it the 'casualty'? (I reckon casualty is only for injuries, but I mean all diseases/injuries/complaints that need immediate care)
  • Andygc

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    British English
    It was called "Casualty" when I was a casualty officer. Then the name changed to "Accident & Emergency". It's still commonly called "Casualty", hence the long-running BBC soap opera of that name.

    And I still don't understand why the doctors stand on the wrong side of the couch or trolley (gurney for foreigners :)) when examining the patients.
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