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    Hi, can anyone help me translate 'accident damage report' (context given below!). My mother has asked me to call the Italian car rental place on her behalf and I don't have a clue how to explain what I need!!!

    "I am in receipt of your claim. In order that I may complete my assessment, please send the following documentation:
    • Renters' copy of the Vehicle Rental Company accident damage report. If you do not have this, you will need to request it from the rental company.
    • Invoices / Receipts confirming the amount you have paid in respect of Accident / Damage / Loss etc. for which the Vehicle Rental Company holds you responsible."
    My attempt:
    • Una copia della dinuncia di incidente della Società di noleggio del veicolo
    • Una fattura confermando la somma pagata in materia di infortuni / danni / perdite ecc. per i quali la Società di noleggio del veicolo mi tiene responsabile
    If it makes a difference the 'accident' in this case was just a burst tyre

    Thanks in advance
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    here it is the italian version of your text:

    - Una copia della denuncia di incidente della società di noleggio del veicolo. Se non ne siete in possesso, dovrete farne richiesta alla società di noleggio.
    - Fatture/Ricevute comprovanti la somma pagata per l'incidente/danno/perdita ecc. per il quale la società di noleggio del veicolo vi ritiene responsabile.

    I hope it helps.
    Bye bye!
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    Thank you so much, that is a great help!

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