(accidental/accidentally) dialing of numbers.


The feature prevents "accidental/accidentally" dialing of numbers.

People tell me that the answer is "accidental".
I thought the answer was "accidentally" because I learned that gerund is modified by adverb.

I'm confused!
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    Hi jcho

    Gerunds can be used in two different ways. Sometimes, they are used exactly like nouns: they can be preceded by "the" and followed by "of", and they are modified by adjectives. Sometimes, they are more verb-like - they can take direct objects and be modified by adverbs.

    In your sentence, the gerund is noun-like, because of the following "of": so it's the feature prevents [the] accidental dialing of numbers.

    You could change the sentence to make the gerund more verb-like: The feature stops people accidentally dialing numbers.
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