accidentally in love

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hey guys! I'm so sorry to bother you but I don't have ¿could someone be so nice as to attatch the lyrics to ¨accidentally in love¨by The Counting Crows. I'm teaching the song tonight and I don't have the lyrics at hand thanx beforehand you guys

this is
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    Not sure this is what these forums are for but here you go

    Counting Crows "Accidentally In Love"

    So she said what's the problem baby
    What's the problem I don't know
    Well maybe I'm in love (love)
    Think about it every time

    So the mod had to intervene here,
    And say that Lyrics are not allowed,
    Only four lines can ever be posted,
    Please think about it every time...

    If you wish to help santi in his quest for these song lyrics, you are welcome to direct him to posts where these lyrics may be found, as long as the links are to non-commerical sites, for example HERE. You are also welcome to send him the lyrics via PM, and/or discuss the lyrics.

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    Using a search engine to look for "accidentally in love" "Counting Crows" brings up a huge number of websites where the lyrics can be found :)
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