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Hi there,

What do you think the meaning of ( accommodate demand) is here?

It is talking about the Bergman's theatrical version of Yukio Mishima's Sade:

( It started in the spring and has been held over to accommodate demand.)
From Ingmar Bergman Interviews by Raphael Shargel, page 174

I was thinking about some specific demand of Bergman but I am not sure if it makes sense because it continues saying that Bergman being very optimistic about his health has stage and opera commitment through 1991.
He has already the commitment so, I don't think that could be "demand".

Help me,please.
Thanks in advance.
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    "Held over" is a common phrase in the context of theater performances: generally, shows are held over because there are plenty of people interested in attending the performance. The show's run is extended to accommodate demand greater than had been anticipated.
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