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Hello, I am struggling to understand how the word "footprint" is used in these two paragraph from an annual report by the EU agency e-LISA:

"A number of additional preparatory steps were taken in parallel to the negotiation process during 2014 to define eu-LISA’s requirements for the new headquarters building, including an official ‘kick-off’ letter to initiate the build sent to the Estonian Ministry of the Interior in June 2014. eu-LISA also outlined its requirements in terms of its initial accommodation footprint for the new building and physical security concepts to the Estonian authorities.

During the reporting period there was also a significant programme of work to upgrade and amend the available footprint of office accommodation in Tallinn."

Could you please help?
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    Footprint in this sense means the amount of space occupied as viewed on a plan or map. In the case of office space it generally means all of the floor area occupied, even if it is on several floors one above the other.


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    You even hear "footprint" used about small kitchen appliances.

    Our microwave's small footprint means it will not take up much space on your kitchen counter.
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