Accommodation of patterns of communication

Jin akashini

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Hi every one,

I would like to ask you meaning of the phrase "accommodation of patterns of communication" in the sentence below:

"STwo types of cultural adaptability are described here namely, adaptability of educational environment and adaptability of individual teachers. Adaptability of educational environment to students refers to adjustments in task development and knowledge constructing method in which teachers mainstream students’ experience, living world and cultural characteristics in instruction. Meanwhile, adaptability of individual teachers refers to recognition and accommodation of patterns of communication"

The sentence above is taken from curriculum vitae of a Specialist I have to translate from English into Vietnamese and I don't know the author.

Can you tell me what the phrase "accommodation of patterns of communication" mean ?

  • PaulQ

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    Accommodation (uncountable) - in this case -> the ability to fit/assimilate [an idea/concept] into one's skills.

    The Newt

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    The idea seems to be that the students will have different ways of communicating (different styles of speaking, writing, etc.) and that the teachers will make allowances for those differences.
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