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What does accommodation mean in the following context:

Accordingly, and in contrast to the situation in Britain, the dominant trend among the intellectuals was accomodation to state power.

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    It could mean to come to a settlement or compromise. However, there is another meaning: to adapt or to become accustomed to something (as the human eye adapts to dark conditions). Is there no further background that would make the meaning clearer? I'd be surprised if the text does not expand on this statement, or give an example.


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    What about to make room for?

    As in, I have my idea's and you have yours. I'll listen to yours and consider them. I'll take them on board, I'll accomodate them.


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    To accommodate can mean to "concorn" i.e. a state of agreement. Therefore, "accommodation to state power" means to agree or fall in line with state power.


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    Is the context still the history of German universities, as in at least one of your other recent threads? In that case, I'd say "accommodation to" implies "complicity with". The intellectuals accepted state power over the universities; they also (google tells me) acted as functionaries, and were therefore part of the apparatus of state power.
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