Accomplice vs. partner in crime


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Police #1: Can I let this woman go?
Police #2: No. She is a "accomplice" or "partner in crime". When this man was stealing in the store, this woman was helping him watch if someone is coming outside the store.

Are they both correct? If so, which is better? Thank you.
  • Barque

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    In your context, "accomplice" is better. No, she's his accomplice.

    You're more likely to hear something like: No, they were in it together or She was helping him.


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    Note that she was not "helping him watch." He wasn't "watching" at all (because he was stealing in the store), and so she could not help him do that. Instead, she helped him by watching outside the store -- and note the usual way of saying this is that she acted as a lookout outside the store..
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