accomplir son travail spirituel


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I've doubts about the phrase in the context (a woman listened to some music and she liked it and her soul wanted to join the melody and :arrow: :

Un petit moment pour laisser à mon esprit le soin d'accomplir son travail spirituel.

My attempt:
... an opportunity to perform its work.

Thanks in advance!
  • Cleare

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    Wouldn't accomplish work as:

    to accomplish its spiritual work ?

    Thanks for your answer, Lotuselisa!
    My idea: if I write "to give my spirit an opportunity to perform/accomplish its work", it's clear that "spirit" does "spiritual work", because if not, it, the spirit, can do other kinds of work, which is not logical? No?:confused:

    Kelly B

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    What do you think of give my soul (mon âme) time to accomplish its spiritual work?
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