accomplish a feat of strength

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Only once I admitted my own weakness was I able to accomplish a feat of strength that I had given up hope on.

(This comes from The key to quitting smoking? Stop trying so hard by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry on June4, 2015.)

"Feat" means "something impressive and often dangerous that someone does" (from Macmilian dictionary)
"Accomplish" means "to succeed in doing something, especially something that you have been trying to do for a period of time' (from
Macmilian dictionary)

I can't piece them together. I still don't understand the meaning of the blue part, and what does "strength" and "of" here mean?

Thanks in advance!
  • ironman2012

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    Thank you, that is easier to understand it. Two more questions:
    1. what does "of (a feat of strength)" here mean?
    2. Does "strength" here mean "the quality of being brave and determined in a difficult situation"


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    British English
    2. Since this is about giving up smoking I think that "strength" here refers to "strength of character" or determination to succeed.

    1. "Feat of strength" just means "a task requiring strength".
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