Accomplish, achieve, fulfill

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Crawford Powell

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Native Arabic speaker from "Egypt"
I wanna know the difference berween (Accomplishment, Achievement & Fulfillment), For Example:
-U have fulfilled Ur purpose/U have achieved Ur purpose or U have accomplished Ur purpose.
-U have accomplished Ur job/U have fulfilled Ur job or U have achieved Ur job.

Which 1 is correct in the 2 examples and can somebody explain with details.
  • owlman5

    Senior Member
    All three verbs - "accomplish", "achieve", and "fulfull" - look okay to me in your first sentence. They all tell me that you managed to achieve your purpose.

    I don't think I'd use "fulfill" or "achieve" with the noun "job". "Accomplish" seems normal to me.

    You might consider looking at our dictionary's definitions for those verbs if you want to find details on how to use them.


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    English - US
    Welcome to the forum, Crawford! :)

    I agree that all three verbs work with "purpose". None of them, in my opinion, work with "job".

    I agree with Owlman's suggestion that you use the WordReference dictionary when you seek a definition (access is via the search box at the top of the page).

    P.S. "Wanna" and "U" and "Ur" are not English words, so we don't use them here. And "1" is not acceptable for "one" in "which one".
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