accomplished after closer to two and a half years


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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Truth be told, said Krzanich, the last two iterations of Moore’s law were accomplished after closer to two and a half years rather than two, so there has been some slowing down. Even so, whether the exponen-tial is happening every one, two, or three years, the important point is that thanks to this steady nonlinear improvement in microchips, we keep steadily making machines, robots, phones, watches, software, and com-puters smarter, faster, smaller, cheaper, and more efficient.

I'm a bit confused by the preposition "after" in "were accomplished after...".

Does the phrase in question mean were accomplished in/within a time/period closer to two and half years...?

Thank you.
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    You're welcome. It's a short but somewhat clumsy way to write "after a period of time that was closer to two and a half years."