accord is given to the key stakeholders

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Hi, I am working on a file for Al Gharbia Devel­opment Forum, and this is an extract of MEED Events' chairman message Edmund O’Sullivan. What do they mean by "accord is given"? I also think that there are some typos in the sentence.

It is our over-riding objective and goal that the vision that the Western Region Development Council (WRDC) is communicated at this Forum and that accord is given to the key stakeholders involved in Al Gharbia.

Thank you.
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    Hello translation lover. :)

    I think this is something like the meaning of accord they have in mind:
    2. consent or concurrence of opinion

    But it is an odd use accord, and one I'm not familiar with. From context, I would suppose that they mean they want to respect the opinions of the key stakeholders, or that they want to reach accord with the key stakeholders.

    When I search the internet, I find 47 instances of accord is given to, which is not very many, considering the vastness of the internet. In those instances, accord seems to mean something like 'regard, respect', as I would say it does here.

    (I agree that there are errors in the sentence that may be typos, or may be indications that it was not written by a native speaker. The best thing would be to ask the person who gave it to you what they meant to say. If you can't do that, you are going to have to use context as a guide.)
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