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Bonjour à tous:

I am composing an email message to request a copy of my casier judiciare (from France). I am trying to figure out the best phrasing to use.

I want to convey the idea: "I am writing to you to request a copy of my background information, following the directions I read on your Web page, [... etc.]"

Here is my try: "Je vous écris pour demander l'extrait de mon casier judiciare, suivant les démarches que je lis sur le page Web [etc.] ...."

Does this seem correct? I am not at all sure about the "suivant les démarches" bit, but am not sure what else to use.

Also, if I may ask, does this seem an appropriate tone in French or is it too abrupt? I'm afraid this is always a bit of a problem for me when writing French formal letters; my American style is nothing if not direct. :) (This is going to an email address at the Ministère de la Justice.)
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    I would write it this way:
    "Je vous écris pour demander un exemplaire de mon casier judiciaire. Suite aux indications que j’aie lues sur votre site web [etc.] ..."

    Now, I should say that this is assuming that you are making reference to the directions on the web site (i.e., as when you might say something like "following our conversation yesterday...."). I know what you mean by "démarches" but I think that "indications" would be more appropriate. I should add that my native French is Quebec French which is notorious for differing significantly from the conventions we find in France. I think my offering is correct, but as you are writing to someone in France, I would gladly defer to a speaker of French from or in France.


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    J'écrirais tout simplement : "Je vous prie de bien vouloir m'envoyer un extrait de mon casier judiciaire (bulletin N° 3)"
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