According to Google Translate, A is B

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Japanese 標準語

According to google translate, "
據谷歌翻譯, A是B" means "according to google translate, A is B." Is it correct?
If it sounds strange, could kindly tell me how you would write it?

I want to use this phrase like this to ask a question on this forum--->>" According to google translate, 'hello' is '你好'. Is it correct?" (I believe hello=你好. Just wanted to give an example here.)

Thank you.
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    Yes, it is good.

    OR, 谷歌把“A”翻译成"B" 或谷歌把“A” 翻成“B”

    谷歌把“this is a dog”翻译成“这是一只狗”。

    I would generally use my own versions.
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    Japanese 標準語
    谢谢回复, twinklestar!

    Would you say that there is not much difference between ”翻译成" and ” 翻成“?

    I think both
    翻译 and 翻 means "translate" and 成means "into" so I guess both mean the same, but it would be great if I could have your confirmation. (Or from another native Chinese speaker, if twinklestar is busy.)

    Thank you in advance.


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    Chinese (Mandarin)/Taiwanese
    yes. you can say "translate into " 翻译成(formal)or 翻成(informal)
    we omit words in many verbal phrases like this. as you learn deeper, you will find out.
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