According to me/him/us, in my opinion, I think

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Hello everyone. I'd like to know if according to <somebody> = in <somebody's> opinion= <somebody> think
ex:According to me/him/us, in my, his, our opinion
According to me, this book is not bad.
In my opinion, this book is not bad.
I think this book is not bad.
and which expression is more used in English native speaker's language? Is it strange to say according to me? or according to him?Thanks a lot.
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    Hello annie21. :)

    Here are a few threads that may be helpful on "according to me":
    according to me
    according to me / according to you
    In my opinion or... according to me?

    You will notice that people have a particular feeling about 'according to me' that they wouldn't have about "according to anne21", for instance. "According to" is used to cite a source or authority, and it is strange to cite yourself as a source. It is not strange to cite someone else.

    You might want to leave 'according to me' out of this discussion, and focus on 'according to him/her/ etc', along with the other possibilities.

    Added: Other threads that may interest you: :)
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    Is "in my opinion" old-fashioned in formal style?
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    Thanks Cagey for your advises. I've read all the threads which are really helpful, and I have still 2 questions:
    1.Does according to someone is more formal than in one's opinion?
    2.which one of the two is more used by the native english speakers? Or is one used as frequently as the other?
    Thanks a lot.


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    And there's also another question that puzzles me: although many said we can't use according to me, but do you frequently use according to him/her/them? I raise this question because I check it with BNC, and I found only 6 hits (0.1 per million) for according to me. While when I searched for according to him, there's only 45 hits(0.4 per million), which showed that this expression is not frequently used either. For in his opinion, there's 110 hits(1.0 per million). So could I say from the results that:
    1. according to + pronom is not frequently used?
    2. in one's opinion is more frequently used by native speakers?
    I haven't checked COCA for further support yet. Maybe someone can help me to confirm or deny my supposition.

    Thanks a lot.
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