according to social behaviour expert


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below a line from a BBC article on email conventions. Is the indefinite article a missing here (a social behaviour expert)?

(...)according to social behaviour expert Liz Brewer, star of ITV's Ladette to Lady.
  • I wouldn't say that an "a" is missing.
    You could add an a, provided you also add a comma, but this changes the emphasis, if not the meaning, of the statement.

    According to a social behaviour expert, Lizard Brewer...

    Here it doesn't seem that Lizard Brewer was as much famous and well renowned as in the original version.

    Consider also this,

    Football legend George Best died at the age of 59
    Among the celebrities who died in 2005, we remember a football legend, George Best

    Here we can't say that the two sentences differ for emphasis, but we can't say that the first miss an a either. They are different, both grammatically correct, constructions.
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