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    The context is how people dress to fit the weather. So in Winter they might wear a thick coat and in summer a sleeveless top. The sentence is "I dress according to the weather". It is the "according to" bit that I am unsure of. Can I say "Je m'habille en fonction du temps qu'il fait/or "en fonction de la météo?"

    Merci en avance.
  2. Oddmania

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    This is exactly how I would've put it :thumbsup: ...en fonction de la météo.
  3. mancunienne girl Senior Member

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    Great. Thanks!
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    Yes, both are good.
  5. Uncle Bob Senior Member

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    As a non-native I hesitate to intervene but is not "en fonction de la météo" ambiguous as it could mean "according to the weather forecast"?
  6. Princess Banana

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    @Uncle Bob "according to the weather forecast" would be translated by "en fonction des prévisions météo". The meaning is the same as "en fonction de la météo".
    There is nothing ambigious about it.
  7. petit1 Senior Member

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    Je m'habille selon le temps qu'il fait.
  8. Itisi

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    météo nf familier, courant (prévisions météorologiques) (prediction) weather forecast n (climate) weather n
    Connais-tu la météo pour la semaine prochaine ? Ma sœur présente la météo à la télé.
    My sister presents the weather forecast on TV. Do you know what the weather's doing next week?


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