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I've been having trouble with how to say 'according to' in a way that is more like 'relating to' or 'due to'. The sentence is:

If insurance companies decided to charge more according to the genetic data of a client...

My attempt would be: Si las compañías de seguros deciden/decidieran cobrar más de acuerdo a los genes de un cliente...

Does 'de acuerdo a' make sense?

And also which would be more natural here - a construction with the present (deciden) followed by the future or the imperfect subjunctive (decidieran) followed by the conditional?

Thankyou in advance :)
  • maidinbedlam

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    Also: "...según los datos genéticos del cliente..."

    I'd say "decidieran", which corresponds to the original tense, "decided". I assume this is about an hypothetical future.


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    Otra sugerencia:

    "... en función de los datos genéticos del cliente" y coincido con Maidinbedlam, en lo que se refiere a "decidieran".
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