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The sentence is
Should your event be offering an account bar, whereby beverages are charged to your master account based on consumption, or should you add additional beverages to your master account during the event, a consumption sheet must be signed before your departure

As far as I understand, it somehow refers to extra beverages, order either by the organizer-company or be guests separately. What does the word ACCOUNT refer to? ACCOUNT of a guest? Or sort of CREDIT? Or just a usual BILL?
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    It gives you the definition right there.

    "whereby beverages are charged to your master account based on consumption"

    Account would mean in this case your bill or tab with the business.


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    There will be a bar at the event where guests may order drinks. The guests will not pay for the drinks (to them, it is an "open bar") The cost of the drinks will be applied to the event organizer's account. They have probably set a limit on the account (either by value or by count), e.g. after $1000 worth of drinks are served they will stop serving the drinks. During the event, the organizer may decide to increase the limit (add additional beverages).


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    Peacechild, where did you see this? We ask you to name the source of every quotation. :)

    Added: Also, is this addressed to the organizer of an event, as it seems to be, or is it addressed to people who might be attending events other people have organized?
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