account for, global stock of foreign assets


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Between 2007 and 2010 the euro area accounted for, on average, 21% of the global stock of foreign assets and liabilities, placing it slightly ahead of the United States.

I wonder what does this sentence exactly refer to?

Does it mean Europe invest outshore on 21% of the total global assets and liabilities?

Or 21% of European assets and liablitites are foreign investment?

Or 21% of foreign investment goes to Europe?

Thanks a lot.
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    The euro zone is not the same as Europe. Much of Europe, including economically important areas such as the U.K. and most of Scandinavia, does not use the euro as its currency.


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    Is euro area the same as eurozone? I've never heard euro area before, at least not that I recall, and eurozone is the usual term according to The AP Stylebook.
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    Kate was asking whether "euro area" and "eurozone" meant the same thing, gamxiaoyuan. Morior invictus told her that it does mean the same thing.
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