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Say it is the company's policy that all expenses must be backed up with receipts. However, some expenses listed do not have the receipts or the explanation paperwork to go with them. So how do I say it?

(1) How do you reconcile these expenses? Or

(2) How do you account for these expenses?
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    I would prefer 'account for'. 'Reconcile' would more often be used to highlight the discrepancy that the expenditures don't add up to the receipts.

    However, I think both work. Your choice might depend more on the tone you wish to impart to the question. 'Reconcile' seems a little more accusatory to me while 'account for' is less-so.


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    How do you account for/justify these expenses?

    Both of the above seem fine to me.

    Indeed, a "bank reconciliation statement" is a statement that reconciles the current bank balance to the expenses made over a period of time. It works like this: opening balance for the accounting period, expenses made, closing balance, where adding up the latter two ought to give you the opening balance.

    Therefore, as far as I am concerned, it would be more logical to reconcile the expenses to something.
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