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    Title: Britain weighs how to reduce car crashes

    My Question:
    Please someone helps explain account for up there.
    I have detailed read the following definition; and i still can not find the meaning which i think is correct or make me understandable. By the way, now, i even don't know the meaning of "they" up there. it refers to whom?
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    They make up for ... / they are responsible for ...
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    Before posting mine, i was about to search. But i failed to find the search button or box. If you don't mind, please tell me how to search the forum threads in order to avoid the same thread being posted again.
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    Go to the top of the page
    Type the word or phrase into the box marked Dictionary and thread title search:
    Press Enter
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    It means that one-third of the drivers killed on the roads of Britain are under the age of 25.
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    I have got it. Thank you.
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    Based on your meaning, i could fully understand, but would you please give a word or expression to represent account for ​there?

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