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Which word best describes the title of document issued by accountant of enterprise to employee stating how much money a person has earned for the past year, for example.

I found the word accountant's report but I am not sure whether this word is considered correct by native speakers of English.

Can this just be called as Certificate or may be the word To Whom It may Concern applies to all names of documents issued as a reference

Could you give me your considerations.

Thank you
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    In the U.S., it's Form W-2. Payments that are not earnings from work are reported on Form 1099. There are several types of Form 1099 for different types of payments, such as 1099-INT for interest (for example, interest you earned in a bank account).

    Most of these forms are not issued by accountants, however. They come from the payroll department (for earnings) or somewhere else. Do you perhaps mean bookkeeper? In the U.S., at least, an accountant is a higher-level professional than a bookkeeper.


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    A general term for this sort of thing, if it does not have an official name in Ukraine, is an earnings statement.

    You cannot call it a "to whom it may concern." That is not the name of a document. That is one way to address a letter, where you might say "Dear Mr. Pavlov," if you do not have the name or title of the person to whom you are writing.
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