Accreditation Law by Notice of Fed. Min. for Acc.

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Could you please advise what could stand for abbreviations in the underlined text?



Source: Investigation Report regarding talc flotation

Accredited under EN 45001 and Accreditation Law by Notice of Fed. Min. for Acc. REF. 92714/84-IX/2/99, certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 registered location under EMAS-V Waste water, particle size determination, screening technology, quarries, coal, non-metallic mineral resources, fuels in general, solid fuels, fireboxes and boilers in general, cement, plaster, talc, mortar, mineral and ceramic materials and products, concrete and concrete components, mining
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    "Fed. Min." might be Federal Ministry, but not if Cagey is right and it's US... then it might be Federal Mining? But nothing quite works. Maybe there's an error.
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