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Une phrase à traduire...

Lorsque j'ai pris cette photo... j'étais accroupie dans le champ... Quand je me suis relevée... j'étais pleine de boutons ! Ne pas porter de jupe !!!

When I took this picture... I was crouching down (I was squatting) in the field.. When I got up I had so many spots... Do not wear skirt !

Does this sound correct..

Many thanks
  • Omelette

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    " (squatting might give the impression that you were living there illegally)""
    a possible, but surprising, interpretation of the phrase!
    'Don't (or 'do not') wear a skirt'


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    Seriously, both ‘crouch down’ and ‘squat’ are ok.
    It’s hard to imagine that anyone could think
    ‘I was squatting in the field. When I got up I had so many spots’
    Meant ‘I was living in the field without the owner’s permission. When I got up I had so many spots’
    (the two statements do seem rather disconnected!)
    'squat' would be understood in the sense you meant it to have.
    ‘squat and ‘crouch down’ mean slightly different things, but in this case I don’t think it matters.

    franc 91

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    If something can be misunderstood, somebody will inevitably misunderstand it - as many a teacher will tell you - (yes obviously squatting in - is the same virtually as crouching but if somebody didn't quite hear 'in' after the verb......)
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