Accueil embarquement

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  1. Matt15 Senior Member

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    Hi all,

    The following is a message about a train departure:

    "Accueil embarquement jusqu'à 2 minutes avant le départ."

    Does this mean if you arrive just one minute before the departure you will be unable to board? When I google 'Accueil embarquement' I get lots of information about the barriers where you have to scan the ticket to access the platform. Could it however also refer to a person who checks the tickets as you board the train?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Yendred Senior Member

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    Theoretically, yes this is what it means. Two minutes before the departure, the boarding will close, and you will not be able to board.

    Generally yes, when they mention "accueil", it means a person will be present, and I guess will check your tickets before you can board.
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  3. Chat Perché

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    Hi Matt15,
    Your first suggestion sounds right, I understand that you can board the train up to 2 minutes before departure. However 'accueil embarquement' is not very clear to me
  4. Yendred Senior Member

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    "accueil embarquement" is a shortcut for "accueil des voyageurs devant embarquer à bord du train".
    The purpose is generally first to check the tickets, to direct the passengers to the proper carriage, and to inform them if needed.
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  5. Matt15 Senior Member

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    Thanks everyone.
  6. Kelly B

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    Check-in, then?

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