accumulation of cases is requested


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Hello, I don't understand this "accumulation of cases", context may not help much :

We consider that the trademarks in question are visually different, since they transmit a general impression that makes one different from the other. In particular, the opposing party’s trademark is made up of two “G” elements that are intertwined, while my client’s trademark is made up of four elements, none of which are dominant as a matter of first impression. There is no phonetic comparison (the two trademarks are figurative). MEANS OF EVIDENCE ARE STATED. THE ACCUMULATION OF CASES IS REQUESTED. Based on Articles 66 and 150 of the Law of Administrative Procedure and Articles 95, 100, and 1001 of the Code of Civil Procedure, I request accumulation of the processes contained in the cases of Requests No. 32597-12, 32598-12, 32599-12, and 32600-12 for the trademarks “xxx”

regroupement des procédures ?
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    il s'agit des éléments de preuve déposés par la partie adverse; dans le contexte ci-présent on demande à ce que ces éléments soient dévoilés pour que la partie défenderesse puisse en prendre connaissance.
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