Accusative of химия


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Is it "Мне нравится химия" or "Мне нравится химию"?

Searching on the Internet it seems like it's the first, but I don't understand why.

Shouldn't я turn into ю?


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    "Мне нравится химия" is the correct form because химия here is in the nominative case because it's the subject of the sentence. The way this sort of sentences are structured in Russian is
    Something (subject) likes (verb-predicate) to me (to him, to her etc.) the thing you like is actually the subject of the sentence in Russian.
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    You're welcome.
    Look at the form of the pronoun - мне. That is the clue in sentences like this.
    You could also say

    Я люблю химию

    This would mean that you really love it a lot and in this case the sentence structure is the same as in English - I love chemistry, except that in Russian chemistry is in the accusative case.
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