ace boon coon <running> partner


Ron, an undercover cop passing for a new KKK memebr, calls the national KKK office and has David Duke on the line. Asks Duke to approve his membership in the local KKK chapter and send him out the card sooner, so he could take part in the cross burning, which Duke does, and soon his card comes.
Flip: It's crazy you've been talking to David Duke.
Ron: My ace boon coon running partner.
BlacKkKlansman, film

What exactly do you think "running" means here?
Thank you.
  • pob14

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    I’m pretty sure “coon” here is the slur meaning “black person,” but the rest is not very clear. He might be saying that Duke is his partner in running (off) black people, or he might be calling Duke (sarcastically) his black buddy (running partner). “Boon” is probably just there for the rhyme.


    Yes, coon means that, but dictionaries that I found say that "ace boon coon" is just a slangy expression meaning "close friend", so I only questioned "running":)
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