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What does it mean " ace out " in the next context:

...We women religious are not bishops or clergy so it would seem that we are laity. Then there is the chapter on laity that says, "the laity are those in the church who are neither clerics nor members of religious institutes". So I always maintain that we were aced out of the church, that is, out of the hierarchical church, and that's not a bad place to be.

(Transforming the Faiths of Our Fathers: Women Who Changed American Religion by Ann Braude)

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    Thanks Benny, could you please tell me if this use of "ace out" is the same as the one on this other sample:

    ...Ralph peer, who was still serving as their personal manager, has been ace out of his job with Victor, but still have a wealth of contacts and was determined to get the Carters a decent gig.

    (Classic Country: Legends of Country Music by Charles K. wolfe)

    So, accordingly do you think that this use of "ace out" is not very common?
    It sounds similar. 'ace out' means 'high handedly put out' of something; in a sense 'eliminated from'. No I have not heard this exact usage. It may be common in some areas or in some topics of discussion; it's slang, after all.

    Free dictionary online has this entry:

    ace someone out
    to maneuver someone out; to win out over someone. Martha aced out Rebecca to win the first place trophy.
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