aceptada/registrada en el diccionario

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  1. yomemoims

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    I wonder if you could help me with this. I'm trying to say the following.

    Esta palabra está aceptada en el diccionario.

    I could say this noun can be found in the dictionary or this noun exists as it can be found in a dictionary but this is for an academic text so I don't want it to sound too colloquial. Any ideas?

    This word is __________ in the dictionary.


    Thank you
  2. Rainrover

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    Hi, yomemoims. "Listed" and "registered" are both fine; "registered" sounds more formal. "Accepted" could be used, but it isn't a usage I've seen as often.
  3. Cenzontle

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    "Accepted" carries a connotation that _because_ it appears in the dictionary, it has the prestige of standard language.
    Is the existence of the word in doubt? "Registered" or "documented" would address that question.
    Is your "palabra" a "noun", or a "word"?
  4. yomemoims

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    Spanish - Spain
    Basically, it's existence is in doubt, but it does exist. It's a noun, more precisely I want to talk about the word "adventuress". It's a word that no one uses but it can be found in the dictionary. It's not a word I made up by adding -ess to adventurer.
  5. Mr.Dent

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    I'd say "listed" or perhaps, as Cenzotle suggests, "documented". "Registered" sounds far too formal.
  6. Magazine

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    No, claro que no lo inventas:thumbsup:, de hecho, quizás no muchas pero hay varias que se me ocurren a bote pronto.


    Yo diría en clase: it's listed in the dictionary como ha sugerido Mr Dent.

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