aceros inoxidables...


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British English
Entiendo el juego de palabras (aceros/haceros), pero no estoy seguro del signifcado de haceros inoxidables.
Does it mean "We make you rust-proof"?
  • LanguageUser1234

    English U.S.
    It could be understood as "Haceros inoxidables." And the infinitive can be used as a command (although some people object). So the sign could be read as "Make yourselves rustproof," and the stick figure replies "Shall we?"

    gato radioso

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    You'll find in all Spanish grammar books that the imperative of "hacer" is "haceos". Well, nobody speaks so. 99% of native speakers would say " haceros": that's the origin of this worldplay.
    NB: Of course, the form contained in the grammar books is the correct one, I don't want anybody to get upset, but be prepared to not virtually hear it when in this country.
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