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  1. alma Member

    Barcelona (Spain)
    Could anybody help me to traslate this please?

    el acervo cultural de los ciudadados y de los pueblos.

    Thank you
  2. babep Senior Member

    Catalan/Castillian/English (Mallorca, Spain/ex-10 years USA)
    I see that the problem resides in the fact that in English there is no such clear distintion between people (gente, pueblo), and the people (los ciudadanos) as there is in Spanish (ciudadanos, pueblo) or German (die Leute, das Volk). It would sound bad to say

    The cultural tradition/heritage of the people and people.

    Perhaps this way,
    The cultural tradition/heritage of private citizens and people as a group.

    Espera otras sugerencias
  3. Betuni

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    West Palm Beach
    Acervo cultural se traduciría como cultural backgroung

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