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Today when I talked to someone online, she said that she "ached for" me. I didn't understand till I looked it up in dictionary; it means "long for, yearn".

But is it the right way to use it? I mean to say "long for someone rather than something"?

Thanks a lot
  • owlman5

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    It sure is, Silver. That's a very passionate thing to say, so she obviously wants you to know that you are very important to her.


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    Not only emotion, Silver, but sexual passion. If she doesn't really feel that way about you, she definitely used the wrong word.


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    A mother can ache for her children, and not be a sexual feeling. But unless this person is a very, very close long-time friend, Owlman has said it right. Kind of an odd thing to say, unless there is more than we know. Maybe she is still a novice student of English.


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    I agree with the others. Maybe she was just being a little funny, as friends sometimes jokingly use such dramatic language.
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