ache, hurt, harm


I´d like to know the difference in meaning of these three words: ache, hurt and harm functioning as verbs as well as the difference between heal and cure as verbs.
can anyone help me?
thanks in advance
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    This is my opinion:

    ache is for internal problems like stomacache , headache and so on...
    Hurt is used for bigger problems like "He fell and got hurt to his arm"
    Harm is used when something or some person damages another one and it doesn't necessarily refers to a body part
    "4 people were seriously harmed by radiation exposure.."

    this is my opinion now let's wait for native speakers


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    To answer your second question, "cure" is usually used with diseases, and "heal" is used with injuries.

    You can "cure" someone of cancer, but your broken arm "heals".


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    Hurt is usually more short-term than ache.
    Perhaps more importantly, hurt may be transitive or intransitive.
    You hurt my finger!
    My finger hurts.
    Ache can only be intransitive.
    My finger aches.
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