Achieve/attain/acquire...the knack


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Hi everybody, I've looked up in the dictionary but haven't found this collocation.
Do you achieve the knack, attain the knack or acquire the knack?
I know that one can get or have the knack for/to/of something but I'd like to know which of the other verbs best collocates with knack.

The complete sentence is:
"Making coffe is both an art and a science, and you need to ___ the knack".

Thank you.
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    The implication of the word 'knack' is that it is a kind of trick which cannot be learned or arrived at by any conscious or methodical approach. You catch on to it, or not, as the case may be.

    'Acquire' just means 'come to possess', whereas 'achieve' and 'attain' mean that you follow some methodical approach to reach your goal.


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    Thank you all for your answers, they have been a great help. I will keep on asking about collocations, I'm afraid ;-)
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