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  1. Tadeo Senior Member

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    Could anyone explain the difference of usage of these words?

    I mean, is it correct if i say:

    He has accomplished an achievement.
    He has achieved an accomplishment.

    Can I mix them like that?
    Thank you.
  2. wfdjr Member

    English, USA
    For me at least, the words "achievement" and "accomplishment" mean essentially the same thing.

    Because these words mean the same thing, the examples would be understood but are uncommon because they are redundant. This can be seen if you exchange these words in the example sentences. The result in the first example sentence would be "He has accomplished an <accomplishment>". Clearly, if he accomplished something, it was an accomplishment. As a result, the word "accomplishment" adds nothing to the meaning of the sentence and leaves the reader wondering what was accomplished and/or why it is worthy of mention.

    More common uses would be:

    He has accomplished <his goal/the impossible/a difficult task/etc.>.
    He has achieved <his goal/the impossible/a difficult task/etc.>.


    His accomplishment was <important/notable/etc.>.
    His achievement was <important/notable/etc.>.

    I hope this was not too confusing!


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