achivement clusters (education)

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  1. Gretchen Göttin

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    I have to translate a table. This are some of the cells:

    "Academic Summary

    Achievement Clusters
    Broad Mathematics
    Broad Written Language
    Academic Skills
    Academic Fluency
    Academic Application

    Standard Scores"

    It's a test administrated to a mentally disabled student to determine elegibility for special education services.
    I'm not sure how to translate "Achievement Clusters"
    I understand each achievement cluster is a group of skills the student is supposed to have (if he doesn't have them, it means he is getting behind in the education curriculum)
  2. ChemaSaltasebes

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    Tal vez, en este contexto particular,
    agrupaciones de competencias.
  3. Norberto Loza

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    Castellano, Argentina.
    Sugiero "Subtests de habilidades" para el contexto de los tests Woodcock-Johnson.
  4. aieruz

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    Yo creo que en este caso "clusters" puede traducirse como "bloques" de competencias

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