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  1. ktm Senior Member

    Can anybody say smth. about "acid-green" strange colour. The context is as follows:
    He had a strong nerve but it was tested to the limit as he saw the acid-green grass floating on top of the deadly ooze on either side of the path.
  2. difficult cuss Senior Member

    English England
    It is a way of describing the particular shade of green, probably bright green, chemical looking (this is my interpretation only).
    What is "smth"? Please avoid such things.
  3. SPQR Senior Member

    American English
    Here are multiple examples of the color.
  4. Juanchon New Member

    smth = something!

  5. difficult cuss Senior Member

    English England
    Juanchon, thank you for that.
    However as this is an English forum not a "texting" forum, we avoid these constructions.

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