1. gothicpartner

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    En el diccionario a veces se les traduce al español como reconocer, admitir

    por ejemplo:
    she doesn't want to admit that she's poor of hearing=no quiere reconocer que oye mal
    she is acknowledged as the best painter in the country, es considerada/reconocida como la mejor pintora del país

    en qué se diferencian estos dos verbos..?? hay una explicación en otro hilo, pero no entiendo muy bien..!

    When should I use "admit" instead of "acknowledge"??

    Some examples would be helpful

    thanks in advance!
  2. WongFeiHung

    WongFeiHung Senior Member

    USA English
    I think "admit" is more apologetic, and a little deeper meaning
    You can "acknowledge" a fact, as in recognize that it exists, but you can't really "admit" a fact, because it's a fact!

    Some examples:
    She admits she has a drinking problem -She realizes she has a problem, and is probably inclined to seek help (not in all cases, but most likely)
    She acknowledges that she has a drinking problem - Here, it's sort of like she's indifferent to the fact that she does, she doesn't care, like "so what?"
    He admited (that) he screwed up - He takes full responsibility, probably a categorically worse error in this case, probably on his way to repair it
    He acknowledged the fact the he screwed up - Here it's not as deep, either because it wasn't a big mistake or because he doesn't care that he did make one. No insinuation of trying to make amends

    The differences are very subtle, but I hope I made things a little clearer!

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