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I am working on kanji reference book in which I'm including on and kun readings from online sources. And I am bummed by inconsistency of the number of kun or on readings a kanji can have according to different sources. For example, the kanji has:
-according to, 6 kun readings: うけたまわ.る う.ける、 こ.らす、 ささ.げる、 すく.う、 たす.ける
(to be exact: This site is a spin off of the reputed When checked the following kun readings seem to be not used at all, hence wrong: こ.らす、 ささ.げる、 すく.う、 たす.ける

-and, according to online saiga dictionary, 1 kun reading: うけたまわ・る
( to be exact: ... 3741_60375)

Why is it so? Which source is more reliable? Do you people know any unquestionably reliable online source? Please help.

Thank you all in advance.
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    Japanese 標準語 seems to include very very rare cases. I haven't heard 承 read as すくう、たすける、こらす、ささげる in my life。 If I check守る、it has かみ、and I think in rare cases 守るis read as かみ、when that is a part of a name of a god. (Shinto has 8 million gods.)

    saiga seems good.

    This one is one of the most popular dictionary in Japan, but it is Japanese-Japanese.承/m0u/